Current VersionEdit

Version 0.3.0Edit

  • (NEW) Mining is autonomous but now slower.
  • (NEW) Building is also slower. A semi-transparent marker will show you where it will be built. The marker will not move with the ship after it has been started.
  • (Gameplay) You do not need to meet the requirements to build right away. One may start the process and add more resources later on. Others can also put in resources as a joint effort.
  • (NEW) Password proctection. Thus SSL Certification to protect the password that protects your account.
  • (NEW) The same ship that you have when disconnecting from the server will be the same ship you have when you reconnect to the server.
  • (NEW) Dogecoin implementation is in the works.
  • (NEW) Player may switch to an empty ship or build a new one. 
  • (NEW) Buttons for all three projectile types (missile, plasma gun, laser) 
  • (FIXED) Ghost disconnects. (Disconnecting without realizing one was disconnected).

Version HistoryEdit

Version 0.2.9Edit

  • (CHANGED) New background
  • (NEW) Added Energy to the game
  • (NEW) Asteroid Fields and asteroids are now more common.
  • (FIXED) Constant Resyncs

Version 0.2.8Edit

  • (ADDED) Dormant Objects (?)

Version 0.2.7Edit

  • (FIXED) The windows all have unsightly lines through them
  • (FIXED) Add a "Jettison" button to the silo's cargo hold
  • (FIXED) Make the speed of mining based on the amount of metals contained within
  • (FIXED) When permissions change on an object that you're currently in an in-game menu with, it would be nice if it updated in real time, or at LEAST when you navigate up/down
  • (FIXED) Make the in-game menu only appear when you are within 800px of the selected target
  • (FIXED) If the in-game "menu" has already been opened, keep it open
  • (FIXED) Jettisoning cargo from a silo doesn't seem to work (nothing happens)
  • (FIXED) Make the plasma turret do a hit scan from the cannon it is attempting to fire from
  • (FIXED) [Exception] This brought down the RC permanently (something needs to be done about the concurrently modifiable lists that are left open after an exception, maybe add a finally?)
  • (FIXED) Some strange bug when attempting to merge stacks in the silo's transfer-goods window
  • (FIXED) [Exception] This occurs for a specific ship I was logging into, every time I refreshed it was the same (it was just entering a zone with a base)
  • (FIXED) [Exception] "Weapon isReady()" exception
  • (FIXED) If a ship has no cargo in it's hold when it is destroyed, it creates a Cargo wreck that cannot be removed from the game
  • (FIXED) If a client exception happens as a result of a doTick(), rather than displaying the OOPS, we should try resyncing
  • (FIXED) The missile turret doesn't listen to the "permit" command like the laser does
  • (FIXED) After a while, chatting just stops working