Territory marker

A built Territory marker

A territory marker will mark an area in the world map and can mark up to roughly 1200 meters. The color of this area in the map can be customized in RGB triplet or hexadecimal. It costs 50 metals and to build click on your ship -> Nanobots -> Build Territory Marker.  There is also a 5:00 minute build time. After it is done building a equipment base image of a territory marker will spawn. Select the territory marker and in its menu there will be 4 options. Currently the borders of the territory marker is set to be a circle, and there are no news of customizable borders as of yet.

When entering or leaving a territory marker's range, the player will be notified that they are entering/leaving "Territory".


A on/off switch for your marker. It would be laughable if you had to destroy your territory marker if you wanted to take yourself off the map and rebuild another one when you changed your mind.

Set NameEdit

The name of the marker has no character limit, meaning you can write a much as you want as the name of your territory.

Set RangeEdit

This setting will change how big your circle will be on the world map.

Set ColorEdit

The color of your territory can be customized in RGB triplet or hexadecimal (#000000~#ffffff). Quick Guide to hexadecimal color