Every player in the game starts with one random spaceship, VoidSpace has a variety of different spaceships with different sizes, cargoes, speeds, etc.

In the future, these spaceships are going to be customize-able, so you can change their appearance, install and modify weapons, add new accessories/gadgets, and more.

List (Version 3.0)Edit

  • Adder Class (A compact green spaceship with many unknown values.)
  • Colibri Mk1 (With a strange design, this one is one of the quickest ships on the game, this ship is white, black and sharp.)
  • Commander Mk1 (Gray, blue and orange, one of the most common spaceships in the game.)
  • Hawk Class [Nimble 1] (One of the smallest ships on the game, gray and red, this one is very common too.)
  • Turtle Class (One of the biggest ships on the game, this ship has an very high hull strength and cargo space)
  • Hyper Mk1 [Nimble 2] (The biggest ship on the game, this ship is one of the slowest on the game, but besides that... not much is know about this ship)
  • Wraith Mk1 (The smallest ship on the game, yellow and beige, this one is slow too, one of the rarest ships on the game)
  • Mosquito Class [Nimble 3] (The slowest ship on the game, red, black and gray, this one is one of the most common spaceships on the game)
  • Viper Mk1 (This one seems like an compact version of Colibri Mk1, and is the quickest spaceship on the game)