This article is about the non-visible characters that lives inside the spaceships that you control on the game, if you want to know about the vessels that the character controls, click here.

The players are possibly human characters that were sucked by wormholes and were teleported to The Void, those characters live inside their own random spaceship and can't be seen outside their ship on the Voidspace game.


This article (may) contains Upcoming Features that were still not added to the game.

All players enter The Void through a wormhole and in a ship. The ship you start with will be random, but even through different ships have varying capabilities, you will generally start with only the basics. Your character is actually a person inside the ship. You will even be able to exit your ship and enter another. Players will be able to dock with any space stations or outposts, and if the character has the appropriate permissions, they can take command of the structures defenses.

Your character can even learn skills that give you an edge in the world.

In addition to being able to research and develop ships, equipment, base structures, and weapons, your character will be able to learn personal skills. For example, your character might learn the ability to hack certain types of equipment or base structures. (Like Turrets) This could be used to disable key base structures in preparation for an attack from the rest of the character's group.

It is for this reason that it is important to keep your character alive and share your skills with others. Characters that have been around for a while could focus on research to boost the character's aptitude for invention. The more a character knows, the better he will be at creating something new.