Nanobots are the main technology used on The Void, and currently, they are the only way to construct structures in VoidSpace.

Offensive Nanobot ConstructionsEdit


The Silo serves as a large storage for the players.

Territory MarkerEdit

A Territory Marker serves to create territories and warn the players that they're entering on a certain territory, owned/created by another person.

Factory Nanobot ConstructionsEdit

Missile FactoryEdit

This nanobot is used to manufacture Missiles, Missile Factories automatically uses 1 Metal and 1 Hydrogen on their Cargo Hold to create a Missile.

Offensive Nanobot ConstructionsEdit

Gun TurretEdit

A turret that uses metal as ammo (not confirmed) See the main article: Gun Turret

Laser TurretEdit

A turret that uses energy as ammo See the main article: Laser Turret

Missile TurretEdit

A turret that uses missile as ammo See the main article: Missile Turret

Transportation Nanobot ConstructionsEdit

Nanobots can also build ships. The ships you can build as of 3.0 release.

  • Adder Class
  • Colibri MK1
  • Commander MK1
  • Eagle Class
  • Hawk Class
  • Mosquito Class
  • Turtle Class
  • Viper Mk1
  • Wraith MK1


One must stay within range of the building to continue building. Metal will be consumed from cargo hold one at a time at a steady rate.